Why Would a Redeemed Seventh-day Adventist Call Himself Gay?

This is the gist of a question put to me on the Sabbath School Net blog.

I will share a few reasons.


1. We are liars when we say we have no sin. 1 John 1:10 It’s very important in fellowship to tell the truth of ourselves with each other. It is up to ourselves what to share and what not to share with others. It cannot and should not be dictated by another. In that sharing we constantly focus on JESUS loving where we are now and loving us all to completion

2. To find safety in fellowship. A Body of Christ is called to be a safe place for trust to build and connection to be formed and to find encouragement (Heb 10:25) and accountability. Fellowship brings growth and healing and in this process even a closer walk with each other and GOD. Are you safe to share a struggle with without condemning or showing self-righteousness?

3. Why do I tell others I’m gay? It is not a sin to be gay. The sin is lust in the mind and acting on it, just like with heterosexuals.
It is a great way to share my Testimony. After all it relates directly to How Jesus Saved Me! A Sinner! And between you and me and all who see this, telling people in some circles that we are Christians evokes 2000 years of violence, fraud, scandals, abuse, misogyny and hatemongering. And even today some churches do that. Some are very aware of all that baggage and avoid us Christians at all costs

4. To go back to the God’s Word in 1 John 1:8-10: It does great damage to struggling gays to assert oneself as being completely healed of my homosexuality by calling myself “straight” or “ex-gay.”
If it is true, by all means sound the trumpet, let the pigeons loose! But in most cases, even ex-gays who marry an opposite sex partner and sire children, still struggle with attraction to the same sex. And that attraction may never go away until the other side of eternity.
To say that same-sex attraction just goes away gives a a false impression. It is an excruciatingly soul destroying life to be gay and seeking the elusive ‘sainthood’ of heterosexuality and not finding it but comparing your walk with ex-gays who announce they are TADA! I’M STRAIGHT while it is not true.
Speaking particularly of ex-gay ministries: Many have killed themselves because of no hope and others have cut or tried to cut off their genitalia in desperation. My gay brothers and sister deserve the TRUTH of SANCTIFICATION. It’s not overnight or necessarily complete at sudden death.

4. There is healing when you share the inner parts of yourself, when you look into another’s eyes and see JESUS (non-condemnation) IN THE FLESH. There is freedom in that and JESUS IS GLORIFIED!

There are other reasons outside of these 4 entirely on another level, but I chose to share these because it strikes at the heart of how GOD deals with us in relationship and calls us to do and be the same towards others. I am sure I gave you enough to chew on.

On a even more personal note of my long hard walk — it’s nice to stop the busybodies from wondering why I am not married yet or the dreaded awkward ringing of the bell, “I’ve got a nice girl I want you to meet!”

I will get even more deep with you, my friend and brother in Christ. I can’t tell you how many times I got to know good people in the past and formed bonds and rejoiced in the LORD together to only be suddenly avoided because they got wind of the fact that I AM GAY (and therefore demon possessed, as some believe, and they cant hang around a walking, talking demon-controlled homo expelling green split pea soup vomit). I find it best to be upfront early on to avoid such devastating disappointment of being rejected by someone I though to be a soul brother. If I’m upfront and thought to be a castaway by them, it is is better for both parties emotionally.

And on a preachy side note…
Gossiping/backbiting would stop or greatly be lessened if we told the talebearer how disgusted and repulsed we are by their backbiting and character-assassinating sins (just like many freely do with homosexuals). Ellen White calls it cannibalism, which sounds pretty evil to me. Can we deny fellowship to those people who do so wickedly and have some credibility in the gay community??? …

OK off my soapbox  God bless you all and be with you as you reflect and pray where your sin is in this. IF JESUS be lifted up, He will draw all gay men and women.

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