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  1. Seventh Day Adventist real believers know that homosexuality is forbidden under God’s Law this propaganda that you read on this site will put you on the Lake of Fire this woman and people who believe in such rot homosexual are the lowest of human life form with no morals for themselves in family

    • I feel like you don’t read. You didn’t read this article nor did you read the bible because all your doing is spreading hate where others are trying to show love.

      • I read the article, and what I understood from it was that God loves everyone including LGBT people, and connected to that love is His desire for our good. That good includes the prohibition against homosexuality.

    • I would just like to respond to the idea that “homosexuality is forbidden in the Bible.” A lot of confusion surrounds this topic, but these are the facts: All sex outside the sacred bond between a husband and wife in life-long marriage is forbidden. That includes a lot of heterosexual sex as well as homosexual sex.

      As for people who are naturally attracted to their own sex, I’m sure God loves them dearly. After all, when He walked this planet, He made a special point to engage with those whom society shunned.

      Being attracted to the same sex is no more sinful than being attracted to the opposite sex, though it usually makes life more difficult. But in either case it is what you do with that attraction that may be sinful or not sinful.

  2. we all have sinned and saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. Reading Matthew 19 I come to realize that even Jesus talked about this (emphasis) on the eunuchs. God loves all and it is not until we realize we are sinners can we repent. A relationship with Jesus (knowing the Word) and resisting the temptation of sin because of what He has done can we overcome our sins. The gay community just know there is Love for you and the only way to overcome the temptation is Jesus. People can be gay but can resist and do NOT have to indulge in the action. Resist through Jesus as the eunuchs of Matthew 19.

  3. Okay, so what do you do as a gay Adventist when none of these prescribed spiritual help-yourselves work? When you have prayed, fasted, cried out to God, preoccupied yourself with church activities, Bible studies, believed in God’s acceptance etc. for years only to rot away inwardly with pain, loneliness and longing for love? What do you do when you start considering taking your own life because none of the beautiful theorems of well-intending Christians are working?

    This ‘prescription’ mentality really betrays a general tendency with most Adventists of being caught too much up in idealism and fluttery, beautiful theology, and completely lost for reality and what actually works. Whether you like it or not, God is not working according to your theological prescriptions! Multitudes of sincere and believing LGBTs are committing suicide or leaving the church heart-broken and utterly confused! God is not giving them peace and happiness in a celibate state! God is not giving them peace and happiness in a heterosexual marriage! God has not changed their orientation!

    What I don’t understand is that while God could accept polygamists and divorcees due to hardened hearts in former times, it seems to Adventists today that God cannot accept struggling LGBTs who after a whole lifetime of struggle and pain and suicidal urges have found comfort and peace with a loving partner. WHY would anyone desire to lay a single more burden on people who already have been ostracized and pained for their orientation an entire lifetime? Can’t they just please get to feel accepted for once, with or without a partner?

    Sure, gay partnership not the ideal. But it WORKS. And for someone deproved of love who just wants to survive, having a loyal partner might be what helps them get out of bed. Why? Maybe because most LGBTs actually need the loyal love of a partner after years of having to live a lonely lie to themselves and everyone else. If grace isn’t there to cover our most basic needs (human love is one of them), what good is it?

    I am not saying that the Church must affirm or idealize gay partnerships. I am saying that the Church must affirm people, regardless of their lifestyle and how near/far from the ideal it is. Especially with complex issues such as homosexuality and the human need of human love/companionship. Homosexuality is not all lust and indulgence. That is a lie. Yes, many do indulge in promiscuity, but so do heterosexuals. LGBTs are not all hedonists, but have the same capacity and need for intimate love in an equally profound and meaningful way as heterosexuals do. And this kind of monogamous, loyal intimacy is highly valued and sought for by them because they’re human. And I believe God knows that and understands the complexity of the issue. Being gay is not a choice, and neither is having the need of a companion’s love. I believe God is waiting for His people to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of grace in particularly this field in order to connect the ideals of biblical theology with practical reality and common sense. Because as things are now, Adventists are prescribing theological pills without checking whether the fruits of their work are good or bad!

    • There is no biblical option. There are only two choices.Choose God’s way as is in the bible or chose the other side. One way leads to life the other to eternal damnation. Choose life my friend.

    • Thank you, David, for this thoughtful comment.

      I agree particularly “that the Church must affirm people, regardless of their lifestyle and how near/far from the ideal it is. Especially with complex issues such as homosexuality and the human need of human love/companionship. Homosexuality is not all lust and indulgence.” That’s what Jesus did. At the same time, He did not flatter them by telling them that they were all right when they were living outside His will for their lives. For instance, He affirmed the women caught in adultery, but He did not encourage her to go back to the same relationship. He encouraged her to “Go and sin no more.” I use the word “encouraged” deliberately. I don’t believe he *commanded* her so much as *encouraged* her by affirming that she could choose to change, when no one else thought she could change.

      I agree that the subject of homosexuality is complex. I cannot affirm or encourage gay sexual relationships because they are clearly outside of God’s plan for humanity. Yet, I understand that God works with us right where we are. I have known of persons coming from such a horrible background of abuse that a gay relationship was their first experience of genuine love and actually helped them to conceive of a God of love. I have confidence that God knows how to deal with such situations.

      For too long we have exhibited the attitude of the Pharisees, making lots of rules for others, rather than engaging with people to love and serve them, as Jesus did. I believe that before Jesus comes again, He will have a people who know how to love as He did.

      I’m thinking that may encourage many gay people to trust Him enough to surrender even their sexuality to Him. I say this with the understanding that the Bible forbids sexual acts between persons of the same sex, but it does not forbid loving relationships. (I have known several couples who came to the realization that sex was not God’s plan for them, and they continued together in a loving, celibate relationship.)

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