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trials and blessings from god — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, Ben, I’m just learing about how to use this blog! Great article. I identified with it on many levels. I have had one lover for 7 yrs, one 1 and one 6. My last partner was a wonderful guy. We were still in love when I had a dream from God and we broke up. I cried for fours days straight repenting and breaking up. I have been living alone now for 16 years. I still would prefer to have a roomate but I’m extremely picky. You are on the right track. Stay close to Jesus.

  2. Hello Pastor Ben Anderson,
    I hope that you are still a pastor, and that you check up on your comments page. Glow website says they have lost track of you since 2010, I am assuming, so I just wanted to comment on your story, “Trials and Blessings from God”. There is hope for us gay people, and we must continue our faith in Him (God). We are not a lost cause, there is a chance for us to continue on, but we must not give into gay sexual activities.

    I am proud to say I am an Seventh day Adventist, but I am also proud to say that God has given me a Husband for 19 years now, who accepts that I’m a non-sexually active Lesbian. I too struggled as a child with the fact I had to accept I am a lesbian, but I prayed to Him, believing that he could help me be a non-sexually active lesbian, by giving him the reins on my life. My husband is not a christian, but he has accepted me fully, and has never cheated on me all this time. I am so GLAD I asked God to send him into my life during my high school years!

    Keep up your faith, Ben, God is surely with you in your deepest struggles, as He is with me!

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