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  1. Statistics are always a bit depressing – when you think that the only reason mass amounts of money would be spent gathering data about a topic is to further someone’s pre-made agenda, or to promote a company/ product.

    I love the anonymous survey which was conducted on an image board online which is famous and known for the feature that everyone on the website is anonymous to begin with, so people are honest and sometimes brutal – because there are no consequences – so in two ways the responses were anonymous and there was no reason to lie about anything.
    (Of course it’s a terrible “random sample” but I trust the numbers more than I’d trust anything coming from a lobby group.)

    What is your SEX?
    Female 786 (12%)
    Male 5199 (80%)
    Transsexual 420 (6%)
    None of the above 76 (1%)

    What is your SEXUAL PREFERENCE?
    Straight 4759 (73%)
    Gay / Lesbian 239 (4%)
    Bisexual 1262 (19%)
    None of the above 220 (3%)

    preserved archive of the data from Dec 26th 2010, 5:09pm

  2. Very interesting comment. Thank you.

    I note that the 80% of the users in this anonymous survey are male. Thus the statistics would be more applicable to the male population than to females. It is also my understanding that there are more than twice as many gay men as there are gay women. That should also be considered in interpreting these statistics.

  3. I’m surprised on 73% said they were straight! I would expect the actual number to be higher. 19% said they were bisexual! What a high number. I think there is something to this. I believe more men, and women, are now open to experimenting with same sex activities and many once they do it, get hooked. The more we do something, the more neurological pathways are created and new habits are formed or strengthened. So 4% said they were gay or lesbian. That sounds about right to me. Some day better research will be done and we will finally discover the new numbers. We need good research with very large population samples. It should also be country by country because across cultures there would be major differences.

  4. I may be standing alone here, but to me the phrase ‘sexual preference’ implies that I do or did have at some point a choice of orientation aka ‘leaning’. If indeed I had a choice and could practice that in reality, with my overwhelming orientation being gay, I would choose straight which would be my ‘preference’ since I would prefer that over being gay. Its about as irrelevant as asking would I prefer being male or female? Therefore, I cannot believe or agree that my orientation has anything to do with ‘preference’. It just is, and personally I would like to see the phrase ‘sexual preference’ dropped entirely due to irrelevance.

    • Will, I think you make a logical point. Some people who use the term “sexual preference” do, indeed, believe that people choose to be same-sex-attracted.

      But then we also say that a child shows preference for the left hand, when we know it’s inborn. So not everyone who uses the phrase necessarily believes that a homosexual orientation is chosen.

      I just read the book Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate (You can buy it from Amazon.com by clicking on the link.) by Justin Lee, a long-standing member of our GLOWfriends list (which isn’t doing much now), and I think you would enjoy it, even while it challenges your thinking. He tells his own story and his search of God’s will for his life. Whether or not we agree with his final conclusion, I believe the Holy Spirit has been leading Him, as He will lead all of us who are committed to Him.

      After telling his story, he tackles the five “clobber texts” that directly mention homosexual sex in the Bible and concludes that they are not nearly as clear as most conservative religious folks think they are. (I agree, and I have never used those texts in reference to gay sex in the twenty years of this ministry.) He also concludes that the Bible is not a set of rules, as he previously thought, but that the central message is one of unselfish love. And that is a conclusion many conservative Christians do not yet realize.

      I think Justin still misses a few things: Bible writers throughout the OT and the NT demonstrate that God blessed heterosexual marriage, and there’s no such blessing on gay marriage. And it is also clear that God designed sex for enjoyment of a man and a woman bound together for life in the marriage covenant.

      People may legitimately argue that today’s society has ignored God’s design even for heterosexual sex and marriage – even in conservative Christian circles. The divorce and remarriage practiced in conservative Christian churches is undoubtedly not part of God’s plan. But then God has dealt with His people over time and accepted second and third best. And it is on that basis that a biblical argument for gay marriage must rest. I am not comfortable recommending that because it involves a lot of my personal interpretation. However, I believe that anyone who is unreservedly committed to doing God’s will, wherever that may lead, will be led in safe paths. (See John 7:17)

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